About Us

This is an educational program aimed at developing and promoting vocational education that comes with real-time financial empowerment in Africa.
We seek to teach young Africans entrepreneurial skills, train them to develop their potentials and help them to access funds to finance their dreams and establish their private businesses.
In brief, PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is a job-creating platform, operating strictly within the parameters of its founding dreams and ideology.
We believe, to truly and effectively create sufficient jobs for our teaming populace in Africa, all hand must be on the desk and we always do this by engaging every available and willing entrepreneurs within our reach for mass participation and robust productivity.
In view of this, we partner with thousands of skill acquisition centers across all African countries and still willing to partner with more centers to bring human capacity development to the doorsteps of our good citizens.

PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is daring to provide answers to most of the pressing questions and solutions to most of the challenging problem Africans are facing for many years now.

Are you thinking of starting a business, but you don’t have the capital to start it?
At PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS, we can give you that capital within a short period of time for free.

Would you mind learning a skill for free, but you don’t know where and how to get it done?
We have over 280 different vocational courses we offer free. We will train you for free and your training will be conducted offline, within your local government area and in the language, you understand best. While you’re undergoing the training, we will be paying you training allowances till you complete the training and we will help you with more funds to establish your own private business after your training.

Are you thinking of how to grow your existing business, maybe because of low patronage in your area and sometimes you feel stocked, not knowing what to do?
Yes, you’re the reason why we are in business, PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS can make you the highest patronized business in that same location you’re struggling to survive.

Are you trying to source for funds to sponsor your educational career or any other project you’re embarking on, but you don’t know who to talk to?
Talk to us @ https://project54.net
All the money you ever needed is always available. You just need to discover it. We will help you discover and access it.

Are you looking for new clients, more clients and many more clients to boost your business, but you don’t just know how and where to find them, come to PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS, we have enough clients for you at just one click of the mouse.

When you think of moving your business from your locality to an international destination and promote your business to millions of prospects worldwide, but you don’t know how to do it?
PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is your right partner. Our Training Services, Advertisement, and E-commerce portals will work the magic for you.

Do you have the desire of Branding your products or services to meet international standards and make it worth everyone’s patronage, but you don’t know how it’s done or you don’t just have the financial capacity it requires?
Don’t worry friend, That’s what PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is all about. We will surely help you out.

Have you been operating that business for several years without having a registered business name for it?
Friend, you can’t succeed in the 21st-century business that way. However, we’ve got you covered. Just contact us and within 7 working days, we will get your business fully registered with the relevant government agency and all the necessary documents sent to you immediately.

At times, going to the bank to open an account for your business may be very stressful, especially if you’re living in a high traffic area, But PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS will help take the burden off your shoulders. We will link you up with some of the best commercial banks’ representatives, who will help open your business account for you within 6 hours, without you lifting a finger or leaving the comfort of your home or office.

This is to mention, but a few of what PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS can help you do.
With this program, your business and your life are certain to skyrocket to an unpredictable height within a very short time of your partnership with us.
Your business is our business. We will mold and remold it, refine and double refine it to come out stronger and shining brighter than gold.

We want you to learn the art of creating jobs, instead of seeking jobs that don’t exist.

Here, we have set the pace and the stage is ready. All you could ever want or desired to become a successful Entrepreneur has already been provided here for free.
However, your willingness and determination to make a difference in your life are paramount.

PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS was developed with the interest of the poorest and most unprivileged citizens at heart.
Here, everyone has equal access to the opportunities provided by this platform.
This is the only viable business opportunity in the world where you can start with real-time $0.00 investment, yet making millions of dollars from it every day.
This is a lifetime gateway to abundance, comfort, and peace of mind.

The vision of PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is the future and the hope of jobless Africans who have been neglected for too long a time.

Join us today. It will cost you nothing than to sign up now and start making free money instantly.

See you at the top of life.