Frequently Ask Questions

A. Those who wish to acquire professional skills in the area of training available on our training program.
B. Individuals and companies in Africa who would love to offer training services to our affiliates and get paid for each person they train.
C. People living anywhere in the world, who want to raise funds to start a business or expand the existing ones.
D. Those who have an active bank account.

There are no restrictions to this. But even if you have one account, it’s simple enough, as each account is functioning on auto recycling protocol that brings you infinity earnings at each of the 8 stages simultaneously.

Our system exchange rate is $1= 400 of your local currency.

For security reasons, we have $10 minimum withdrawal and $1000 daily maximum withdrawal limit and 5% service charge on every withdrawal.
However, if you must withdraw bulk amount beyond the maximum limit, you must contact support for assistance.

Almost instantly, depending on your activities on the platform.

Login to your back office and request for your PROJECT54 Int’l credit card.
Go to withdrawal and transfer your earnings to your card and cash out at any ATM machine anywhere in the world.

However, those residing in countries that we haven’t issued our card yet, should log in to their back office, go to withdrawal and transfer their earnings to their local bank account and it will drop in their accounts almost instantly or within 24hours on every working day.

You’ll pay $10 for the card, excluding shipping fees.

Referring someone is not compulsory on this platform. Our system works on a first come, first served protocol, that leverages you on the traffic and efforts of other affiliates and offers you an opportunity to earn even if you don’t refer.
So, If you don’t refer, you will still earn and receive the training allowances and all the gift incentives stipulated on the stage reward of the compensation plan. This is to allow everyone to have a fair share of the funds we generate to empower our affiliates.
However, those who refer will stand the chance of earning more than 10x extra bonuses than those who earn from the training allowances only.

  1. Via Affiliate Technology
  2. We source for sponsorship from well-meaning citizens, corporate bodies and institutions.
  3. We source for grants from both local and international donors to help boost our financial capacity.
  4. We raise funds from transactions from our e-commerce portal.
  5. Our Advertisments portal is another useful channel we generate funds from. Etc Etc.

If you don’t have money to activate your account, you can register a free account and use your referral link to introduce people into the program and earn commissions, or go to our “CLICK & EARN” portal and watch videos, view ads and earn money and use your earnings to activate your account and withdraw the balance.

You must be an active affiliate in other to access our free training program. So once you’re active and you complete the first stage of the program (Preparatory stage) you will be sent to commence your training instantly.

Yes, you can.
Go to your back office, click on “Apply for Training” and select “Express Training” fill the form and make the stipulated payment there. You’ll be sent to commence your training instantly.

But you will only earn from your downlines who have activated their membership.

Our training services are fully operational in all the 54 African countries. But if you’re outside Africa, you can’t access the training for now, till we extend to other parts the world.
So if there are no training centers yet in your locality within Africa, kindly reach out to them, bring them on board and earn rewards for introducing them.

A. You’ll earn 10% direct referral bonuses for every person you introduce and there is no limit to how many people you can introduce. We pay 10% till infinity.
B. You’ll earn indirect referral bonuses up to 30 levels deep and to infinity on the width of each level.
C. Each time any of your direct referral receives training allowances, you’ll also earn 5% of whatever they’re earning. (see full details of this on the compensation plan)

Training center registration fee is $25. This is to cover the cost of your customized signpost and accreditation certificate
However, If you can’t afford this amount immediately, you can proceed to activate your center on credit and you will be charged the sum of $37.5 from your subsequent earnings on the program.

As a partner of this project, you have multiple ways of receiving income. First, you will be placed on our training allowances program to be receiving subsequent allowances among other sources of income you’re given access to. Therefore, we expect you to highly subsidize your service charges to enable us to sponsor more citizens.
However, during the registration of your training center, you’ll see a drop-down of the training fees we pay on each of the training you offer when you want to select the skills you offer training on.

It’s all depends on the skill you choose and how long the training center will be available to train you. But in whatever case, we advise the centers not to exceed 6months, irrespective of the course the trainee is undertaking.
So we stipulate minimum 2 months and maximum 6 months estimation.
However, the trainee and the trainer are to meet and negotiate a comfortable schedule for the exercise and adhere to it strictly.
Any party that default on the agreement reached on that date shall be severely sanctioned, and that may include permanent excommunication.

As a trainee, once you submit your application for the training, you can’t rechoose a skill except there’s no training center available to offer that training within your locality, as at the time you’re due for training and you may be asked to either rechoose skill or rechoose location of training.
As a trainer, you can’t rechoose a skill also. But if need be that must rechoose or subtract or add more skills to your service list, contact support for assistance.

As a  trainee, you can only choose one skill for the training.
But training centers can choose as many skills as possible, depending on their areas of specialties.

In fact, you’ll receive two certificates. One from the training center that trained you and another from PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS.

We are fully registered with the appropriate government agency with the reg No. 2755235

Project54 Entrepreneur is designed in a way that all risks have been brought to the barest minimum, if not completely eradicated.
The greatest risk known for now is the risk of you not participating.