How It Works

Generally, we provide services to only two set of people.
YOU + YOU CLIENTS and vice versa.

We provide the missing link between you and your clients, and your clients and you.
This is what we do.
We recruit people throughout the 54 African countries who want to learn new skills or improve their existing skills. We recruit them and send them to training centers nearest to them, probably within their local government areas and we sponsor their training for free
Those who want to learn skills comes to us and those who know how to teach those skills also come to us, so our job is simply to help them meet each other and business is done.
Those who want to learn skills or develop their potentials and those who are eager to teach the said skills, meet themselves at PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS.

If you own a business that specializes in skill acquisition or if your type of business falls within the categories of any of the skills or businesses listed on our training courses, you can actually start teaching people about the same business you do and get paid for each person you teach and make extra income to boost your business?
Amazingly, we have thousands of people who want to know what you know. We will send them to you, to train them in your area of specialty and get paid for each person we send.
Even if you are operating a small shop by the road, we want to boost your business to grow, there are thousands of people on our platform who are so eager to know what you know and become financially independent.

If you’re a young person who has dreams of being a great entrepreneur, good luck to you. This is really your opportunity. Quickly come on board. Get registered and activate your account, that’s all you may ever need to do to become a millionaire entrepreneur with PROJECT54.
After activating your account, simply go to your back office and click on “REGISTER 4 TRAINING” go through the list of all our training courses, choose anyone that best suits your dream, apply for it immediately. We will sponsor you to undergo that training in full without you paying a dime from your pocket and also, we will be paying you training allowances to cater for your logistics during your training period and also give you more funds to establish your own business after the training.

If you own a skill acquisition center or you own any of the businesses listed on our training courses and you wish us to send our trainees to your training center or business premises to train them on the skills of your business, simply get registered on the program. After you’ve activated your account, log in to your back office and click on “REGISTER TRAINING CENTER” and follow the instructions to get your center fully registered and accredited.
Once your center registration is successful, we will send you your ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE and your CUSTOMIZED CENTER’S SIGNPOST via courier services. And you’re set to start receiving sponsored trainees from us almost immediately.


  1. If you’re applying for our training services, you can only choose one skill to be trained on. Also, you can’t register for training and also register a training center with the same account. You must go for one thing.
  2. Every active affiliate is only qualified for our free training program after he or she has completed the first stage of the incentive plan and earns the money that comes therewith.
  3. Before you submit your center registration form, ensure to read and agree with all the terms and conditions that govern the partnership between your training center and PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS and be familiar with them as we will not do anything outside of what was stated on the terms and conditions page.

After the free registration, you are to activate your partnership with only $25 in other to access all our services. However, if you can’t afford the $25, you can register for free and pick up your referral link and share with friends for them to join the program. You will earn referral commission as people sign up with your referral link, so you can raise money via that means to activate yourself and have access to enjoy all the benefits of our program.
Nevertheless, if you can’t afford the $25 and still, you can’t introduce friends to the program, good and fine, nothing to worry about, we still have further options to offer you easy access to our program. Just proceed and register for free, after your free registration, go to our click and earn portal and watch some video advert there and earn commissions for watching them. Here alone, you can make up to $1000 monthly if you’re serious about it. When you make earnings from there, the system will automatically deduct $25 from your earnings and activate you on the program so you can be opened up to receive more income.

This is an advertisement portal on our platform where both members and none members can place adverts at a cheaper rate. But registered members (whether active or inactive) has the advantage of benefiting from the earnings that accrue from here by completing daily tasks, watching videos and making earnings per click.


On PROJECT54, you have nothing to lose. We created this program to accommodate every category of persons. We have made provisions to enable even the poorest member of the public to have uninterrupted access to our services and financial support.
No risk at all, as it’s not compulsory for you to sign up with any money from your pocket.
Come in for free, work here and raise money for whatever expenses you may ever have to make.


We have a highly profitable online store called “Mart7” which allows both members and non-members to shop with their debit cards. But our active registered partners can also shop with the balance at their back office. This Mart7 is another amazing way of helping our registered members to generate more income daily because members are allowed to upload their products and services for sale here. But for safety purposes, customers who buy your products will pay to PROJECT54 account, and when you send the item to them via courier service at the expense of the buyer, so once the Currier company confirms delivery of the item and the customer also confirms reception of the item in good condition, your cash will be credited to your account instantly.
Also, each time any of your direct referral makes any purchase from the store, you’ll earn 5% of the total amount of the item he purchased.


We pay in your local currency.
We pay instantly.
We pay 24 hours/day and 7 days a week

It’s advisable, once you register on the platform that you apply and request for your PROJECT54 Int’l credit card immediately. It may take about 10 working days or a bit more for the card to reach you, depending on your location.
Once you have earnings at your back office that is above $10, all you need to do is to navigate your way to the withdrawal page and transfer your earnings to your card and it will drop there instantly. You can then proceed to use the card on any ATM machine to withdraw your cash.
Our card is acceptable for withdrawal on any ATM machine anywhere in the world and it will pay you in the local currency of that country but in our system exchange of $1-400


We get this done via different strategies.

First, we developed an amazing affiliate program to help us raise funds to finance the project. Although participating in full activities of the affiliate program is completely optional. If you don’t, you will still be receiving an accurate amount of training allowances as stipulated at different stages of this program. But if you do, you would be opened up to make much more residual income than those who don’t participate.

The affiliate program is a very wonderful technology that helps us to generate funds to finance most of our projects. So since the aim of PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is to help the masses and create wealth among the common people, we created a robust fund sharing system, in form of a compensation plan, so that every income we generate is shared and given back to the affiliates of this program according to the level of stages they occupy on the program. So what we pay out is what we have carefully considered being the best PROJECT54 can afford to pay at each of the stages and the very best that will help to develop, improve and expand the businesses of our esteemed partners.

Secondly, we also reach out to well-meaning citizens and cooperate institutions both locally and internationally to partner with us and sponsor any number of trainees they can afford to pay for. After which, we always publish the names of such individuals and institutions on our website for our members to see and appreciate them, except they request us not to make their donations public.
By so doing, the trainees covered under this kind of arrangements may not necessarily need to wait to complete the first stage of our Incentive’s plan before they are qualified to access the free training.
Once a sponsor pays for them, we send them to commence their training immediately and they will also be placed on our training allowance program to enable them to receive some privileges and other residual income to develop their businesses after their training.

Thirdly, we also source for grants from both local and international donors to strengthen our financial capacity. However, this option isn’t really our main focus, as it normally takes a long time to process such gestures. But to some extent, its also help in sponsoring some of our affiliates.


The affiliate program is where registered members can really make so much money on PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS And those who are smart enough can turn out millions of dollars from this very section of the program in no distant time.

This program isn’t operating like a normal multi-level marketing or networking business plan we all know.
It’s not a compulsory referral program. Our affiliates are not under any obligation to refer people before they can grow in the program and earn money.

Our system works on a first come, first served basis. It doesn’t really matter if you refer anyone here or not. What matters is, who first registered and activated his account. Once you’re activated on the program, you can never be overtaken by anyone, as new people joining the program from all over the world will forever queue behind you. And as more people join, they’ll keep pushing you up to a higher stage for higher earnings and incentives.
It’s just that quicken easy.

However, those who refer, have much more earnings and incentives to access than those who don’t refer. Because we believe they are really working to build our community and make it stronger, and therefore deserves more rewards than anyone else.

We have 6 amazing ways where our affiliates earn commissions as empowerment funds.


Once you activate your account, you’ll receive a welcome pack that contains a standard ebook on business development. Even if this book is the only thing you can get from this program, you will be very happy about reading it. It will change your life for good. I read it and it really blew my mind.
This is only for every new affiliate joining our program and has activated their accounts.


Here we have 8 different stages where you receive allowances.
Each time you complete any of the 8 stages, you’ll get paid over and over on each of the 8 stages simultaneously till infinity.

    This is mainly for those who refer.

If you refer anyone to join this program, you’ll earn 10% of their registration fee instantly and there is no limit to how many people you can refer. We pay till infinity.

    This is also for those who refer only.

If the people you referred also refer people, you will earn 10% direct referral commission to infinity on your level 1 and 3% on level 2, 2% on level 3, 1% on level 4 to level 13 each and 0.5% from level 14 to level 30 respectively and to infinity on each of the levels.

    This is where you watch videos, play games, view ads and complete surveys and get paid for every activity you carry out.
    The earnings here are massive.
    You’ll make up to a thousand dollars every month depending on the package you choose and your commitment to it.
    Each time any of your direct referrals make a purchase at Mart7 store, you’ll earn 5% of the total amount of whatever he bought.


  1. At the completion of stage 1, you will receive our Free Training Service.
  2. At the completion of stage 2, you’ll receive PROJECT54 official T-shirt.
  3. At the completion of Stage 3, you will receive a brand new Android phone
  4. At the completion of Stage 4, you will receive a brand new Laptop
  5. At the completion of Stage 5, you will receive a brand new saloon car or $2,500 cash equivalent
  6. At the completion of stage 6, you will receive a brand new 18 seater bus or a delivery van, depending on your choice, to boost your business or $5000 cash equivalent.
  7. At the completion of Stage 7, you’ll receive specialized skill training either locally or internationally.
  8. At the completion of Stage 8, you will receive an international trip with your spouse.

For full details on our compensation plan, please go to the menu tab and click on “REWARDS” and read further.

Friends, there’s nothing as good and sweet as having a steady means of daily income.
Needs come to us every day. Salary has never been and will never be a means of getting our needs met.

@PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS, we don’t just train people, we pay them instantly, we empower, we encourage, we support and we protect our affiliates’ businesses with jealousy.

I present to you, a revolutionary and a life-changing opportunity you can’t afford to miss.
Remember it’s first come, first served. The earlier, the better.

Join us now and start making that money right away.