Recently, the cost of education has become crazily expensive in Africa. Even an average citizen is finding it extremely difficult to afford it.
This renders majority of Africans living below $1 a day, at a very helpless situation.
To worsen it all, despite the high and exhorbitant tuition fees charged by these African schools, majority of them lacks the basic infrastructures and the required man power to offer quality education and an effective education to their already exploited students.
This has been one of the major setbacks, the African continent has been facing for many decades now.

But we have an idea of what the solution is.

Education isn’t all about going to school nor being a student. But a personal and a deliberate effort in developing your mind.

We live in a section of the world where drops of ink on pieces of papers are described and celebrated as certificates and are made to be more valuable than your handcraft and the quality of your mental capability and your moral credibility.

It’s been this way for many generations.
Many were born and are dead, being victims of the same circumstance. But it is time for Africa to evolve and come out of mediocrity.
Other parts of the world are fast developing because they have been able to redefine what education is and how it should be practiced. But Africa is still holding on to the drops of ink on pieces of papers and has highly esteemed it above craft and technical activities. Day in, day out, we watch our mothers dying of hunger, our fathers wallowing in pains and our siblings helplessly dying in sickness.

When you go to our public schools, they teach you how to seek for jobs after your graduation and they brainwashed you into believing that the only way to get that job, is to ensure you acquire the hopeless drops of ink on pieces of papers that can only be given to you by them.

Many citizens have been scammed by our education systems.
You spent many years sitting in front of them in their classrooms, listening to them talk, day after day after you might have paid a highly exorbitant fee. In the process, they sexually abused our sisters and defrauded our brothers with extra judicial charges. At the tail end of all the struggles, they handed you with pieces of papers, stained with inks and release you to get out there and meet with realities, face to face.

Now, here you are, you came out with full hope that you’re now a graduate and with the help of those stained pieces of papers they offered you, you will be able to secure a good job and life will certainly be better, but very unfortunately, the reverse is the case.
After your graduation, you went into what they told you, is called LABOUR MARKET, and tried everything within your powers to find a good employer to absorb you into their establishment, so you can start working like they told in school to earn a living but sadly, no one is willing to employ you because every offices are fully occupied. NO VACANCY!
You sit at home for a year, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 – 10 years, you went through chronic hunger, sickness, pains, embarrassment, humiliations and what have you. At times, you sit in a quiet place and ask yourself several questions without answers. You get extremely worried and confused. You don’t know the next thing to do, and most unfortunately, after a few hours, hunger will beckon on you because it doesn’t understand whether you’re employed or not. While you’re thinking of what to eat, you realized you’ve suddenly developed ulcer and the doctor isn’t willing to understand you’ve got no job to settle the bills.
Different needs and crises sets in and life becomes tough and tougher. Because of circumstances like this, our young men are exposed to social vices and restlessness. Our young ladies find themselves developing attitudes they ones hated. Many of them has fled to exile, many ended up in refugee camps and many has died in the deserts in attempt to find greener pastures.

Friends, this is not how God designed life to be.

The problem started when they taught you how to seek for jobs, instead of teaching you how to create them.

Any school that offers you this kind of education is a scam, pls neither pay for it nor listen to them.
Any teacher or lecturer that teaches this kind of lecture is not helping our continent. They are the ones destroying Africa.

The way education should be practiced, should be done in a way that produces graduates with entrepreneurial mindset, irrespective of their fields of discipline.
Every graduate should also be educated on vocational activities as a backup to explore in case, they don’t readily find employment immediately after their graduations. As a matter of fact and urgency, entrepreneurial courses should be integrated as compulsory courses into our school curriculums, from primary schools to tertiary institutions.
If this was done, every graduate who has gone through a our education systems, should have been acting like a mobile job creating machine anywhere they find themselves, and leading the race, for the uneducated ones to follow their examples. But sadly, that isn’t very feasible in many cases and the real essence of their education has been forfeited.

The real problem with our education systems in Africa is that, technical education is not given it’s due priority. Whereas, that should have been one of the main focus, if not the very main focus of the continent’s education system in other to create real time human capacity development that can directly and positively improve the living conditions of the citizens and massively help to boost the economy of the continent.

This is where we believe, the problem of Africa lies.
This is what we know, is the root cause of poverty and backwardness in Africa.
Because any society where genuine and quality education is not prioritized, can never be developed.

Hence, the need to launch a massive campaign to address the problem rigorously.

This is why PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS is a must to every African citizen who shares our dreams and passion for the development of Africa.

PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS seeks to reposition the educational system in Africa and make it a real time profitable business for all the players of the sector.

It’s a huge project we know, but we are determine to tackle it headlong until our dreams be fulfilled and our passion be satisfied.

It is a fact that if anything you do must excel and make a significant success, you must make it a serious business in all ramifications.

African educational systems has over the years produced too many confused graduates into the system, who cannot stand out to face challenges of their fields of discipline and proffer solutions to them. Because the kind of education they received wasn’t actually a real business deal indeed. A few of those who went through this same process of poor education system and are living successfully are those who took it upon themselves to seek for alternative ways of self development outside their normal school curriculums, which is exactly the message PROJECT54 ENTREPRENEURS  is preaching.

PROJECT54 wants to offer you a real time entrepreneurial experience which you’d always missed over the years.

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