Terms & Conditions

Your decision to register on project54 website  is a symbol of agreement to abide by all the terms and conditions guiding our operations.

Be warned that we are very strict and have zero tolerance for any form of fraudulent activities.
You are expected to submit true and genuine information about your identity on our website. If you’re found to be deceitful either by the personal information you supplied to us, or in your manner of operation on the platform or in any other way unexplained, Project54 holds the right to suspend your account, block you from making withdrawal, deny you our services and financial support, or completely expel you from our program indefinitely, with or without notice.

This platform was set up to pioneer the development of the African continent, therefore as a member of this revolutionary movement, as you grow up on the platform and makes earnings, from time to time as it will be deemed appropriate by the leadership of the program, you will be required to make little financial contributions to help finance projects that will create jobs and add value to our fellow African citizens.
In some cases, some of this contributions may be used as an investment for you, which means after sometimes, you may be able to receive the proceed of your investment as it will be clearly detailed before such commitment are effected.
But for some, which may be used for humanitarian services or development of the platform, there will be no return of proceeds for such contributions.
However, be rest assured that Project54 will be very detailed and transparent in all it operations, to declare before hand what each contribution is to be used for, before being effected.
Do note that Project54 holds an absolute right to decide how frequent the contributions or investments will be carried out, which member should contribute or not, and how much should each member contribute.

A training applicant shall only be entitled to one course for free training.
This free training shall only be carried out after the applicant has activated his or her account on the platform and has fully completed and received the incentive of the first stage of our training allowances.
A trainee must upload his or her true image or  a passport photograph and submit very true and detailed information about his or herself before accessing any of our training services.

Once an applicant chooses which training center he or she wishes to go for the training, Project54 will give you 7 days including weekends to report at the training center and undergo our full induction process to commence your training immediately. If after 7 days, you fail to report at the center, you would have forfeited your training and there shall be second chance.
You must report at the training center with your guarantor to surety you.
During the induction exercise, ensure to answer every question in the questionnaire and provide true and accurate information on each question asked. If you are found to be crafty and deceitful, Project54 holds the right to cancel your  training exercise and expel you from the platform, depending on the magnitude of offense committed and that assessment is solely at the discretion of the leadership of the program.
If after reporting at the stipulated training center, you find out that the information about the training center isn’t the same as what was sent to you on your dashboard, quickly raise an alarm by reporting to support as soon as possible.
Project54 do not own any training center, at least for now, and will not be held responsible, should in case you report at a center that is either fake or fraudulent. All the centers on our platform are independently owned and managed by members of the public, though we have accredited and employ them to train our trainees for us, we do not control them nor decide their mode of operations, nor guarantee their authenticity.
If you were referred to a training center and you realized the center doesn’t exist, don’t worry, simply raise a ticket to support, and you will be referred to another center immediately we confirm your allegation. But if we realized you falsely accused the center, you’ll be sanctioned with a $100 penalty fee.

After your training has been completed, ensure to accurately answer every question on the “training completion” questionnaire but first insist to collect your training certificate from the training center before you proceed to answer the questionnaire.
Do note that, once you OK everything on the questionnaire, your training contract with both the training center and Project54 Entrepreneurs would be marked as training completed and you will be acknowledged as one of our graduates, so ensure everything goes on well before you give this final approval, because there shall be no reverse once the approval is given.

The allowances and other financial support we give to you, are for a purpose, to help you establish your own private business and employ other to work.
Project54 Entrepreneurs will take a drastic decision to sanction you, if 6 months after your training we noticed you have received a substantial financial empowerment from us and not use the funds to establish any business. The sanction may include suspension or total elimination from the program. You must open a business and practice what you learnt.

If during your training period, you are found to be of unreasonable character or behavior, if you steal or destroy any item belonging to the training center or the neighbors by extension, the training center holds the full right to take any legal action against you. However, in the case of lost or damage of properties, Project54 will cooperate with the training centers to help them recover their lost from your allowances and earnings on our platform. Once there is a substantial evidence that you committed the offence you’re alleged with, we will debit you the very amount that is directly proportional to the allegation labelled against you. And you must pay it to the fullest.  Thereafter, Project54 will decide on what discipline to mete out to you for the misconduct, which at times may include excommunication.

If you wishes to swap someone else to undergo the training on your behalf, you’ll have to physically take the fellow with you to the training center, and after you have personally carried out the induction exercise, you can then write a memorandum of understanding with the training center and sign an undertaking note for the person you wish to swap with, and after that, you write to Project54 officially informing us of the development and upload all the documents signed between you and the training center before such swapping can be honored.

All these rules are applicable to both free training and express training applicants.


Every training centers must first upload a true image of the front view of their training centers to us.
Must ensure to supply true and genuine address and other information about the center.
Must either pay a $25 center activation fee or activate on credit at 50% extra charge.

Ensure the image of the center you uploaded to us is exactly where you hold your trainings. If you’re reported to do otherwise, except by written permission from PROJECT54, your center will be suspected to be fraudulent, as a result, we will stop sending trainees to you immediately and the center will be blacklisted until all doubt are cleared. If not cleared, the center will be bound from our platform.

Once you’re activated on the platform, you will be place on our training allowance payroll which will enable you to receive substantial funds as long as you remain on the program. We do this because we believe you will offer our trainees quality services as you teach them the courses you offer.
However, beside this allowances, we also pay you very little amount of training fees on each of the courses you offer to each of our trainees, and these fees are clearly detailed on the training center registration form.
This little training fees are split into two installments. You will receive the first 50% installment after completing the induction process and the second 50% balance after completing the training completion command and the trainee so confirmed.

When the trainee report at your center,  you must insist him or her to come with a guarantor to surety him before the induction can be completed.

If any trainee sent to your center happens to be of unreasonable behavior, that may lead to lost of damage of your properties, we will cooperate with you to recover at least some of the loses. However, you must be able to convince Project54 that your allegation actually took place according before we can guarantee such cooperation.
To convince us, you will first need to report the matter to the police, let there be an entry at the police station, let the police first handle the matter and decide who is guilty and who is not guilty. In the case where our trainee is guilty, you will then proceed to submit a police report to us, stating what actually happened and how the police arrived at the conclusion that our trainee is guilty or otherwise.
Once that is certain, the IPO, the trainee, the trainee’s guarantor and the training center manager must sign the report.
The IPO must also furnish us with his name, his personal phone number, the police station phone number, his head of department phone number and the police station address and command identity, before the report can be honored.
When this report is duly submitted to us, we will debit the trainee with either the full sum of money stipulated on the report or with part of it according to our discretion and decision. Whatever decision we reach as regarding the amount of debit we will effect on the trainee, we will communicate to you accordingly, so you know your next line of action to take.
When the debit is effected, once every month, we will transfer to you on request, whatever income that drops on the trainee’s account until the total debited sum is fully recovered.

Ensure to fully complete the training in all ramifications and issue the trainee with a training certificate before initiating the training completion command. Default of this rule will be seen a deliberate fraudulent effort to deny our trainee your services and will receive maximum sanction.


You can upload your products and sell for free.
However, you’re not to upload any advert there, either directly or indirectly. We will not hold you innocent if you default this rule.
Every time a customer wants to buy your product, he will pay the money into Project54 account. Once the courier company deliivers the product to the customer and he confirms reception in good condition, your money will be remitted to you instantly, because its automated.
However, take note of the following deductions and fix the price of your products to accommodate those expenses.
In every item you sell on our platform, Project54 Entrepreneurs will take 5% of the total amount of the item and pay to the sponsor that introduced that buyer to the platform, and we will also take 5% commission for each sales you make, making it a total of 10% deduction.

Once you put up an item for sale, on the platform, ensure that the item is physically present and it’s fully ready for sale.
If you later sell off the item or you’ve changed your mind from selling it, kindly remove it from our platform, before someone will come and place an order on item that doesn’t exist, pls take very serious note of it and avoid being suspected as a fraudster and be treated as one.


We have two categories of loan we offer. $2,500 and $5,000

To access our interest free loan of $2,500 you must be an active member of at least 3 months old on the platform, you must have above 50 direct downlines and at least of 50 of your direct downlines must have at least of 3 active downlines each.

To access loan of $5,000 you must be an active member of at least 4 months old on the platform, you must have above 100 direct downlines and at least of 100 of your direct downlines must have at least of 3 active downlines each.

Upon reception of your loan application, we will review it and give you feedback within 24 – 48 hours.
In a situation where your application is approved and successful, you will be credited instantly with the exact amount you requested for at your back office provided, it falls within the categories of our offer.

However, take note that once you’re credited, you will also be debited instantly of the same amount you collected. And once you’re debited, every earnings that will drop in your account will automatically be deducted until the total debt is recovered. Notwithstanding, if you wish to repay your loan earlier before your earnings drops, simply add funds to your back office and it will be deducted instantly, and you’ll be freed from debt.


We have different packages of earnings on the click and earn portal.
In any package you choose to participate, you must work to earn at least of 80% of the total earnings of that package in a month before you will be allowed to make withdrawal from that portal.
If you fail to meet your target this month and your earnings are withhold, if you meet your target next month, all your earnings, both last month and the present month will be released at once.
But if you miss your target up to 3 times in a year, both your click and earn account and your main account on the platform will be blocked until you pay a fine, which is double, the total amount of earnings in the package you are in.

Do note that the click and earn portal is a third party funds generating portal.
The adverts you watch there, are from third party platforms. We do not control the activities of those platforms nor determine the certainty or accuracy of their payments.

We get adverts from them and give you to watch and earn commissions They are they ones who pay you commissions on each advert you successfully watched.
Project54 Entrepreneurs is not charging you a dime to access or participate in the activities of that portal and therefore shall not be responsible nor held liable for whatsoever occourency, should in case this third party platforms fails to make payment for the said adverts you wacth for whatever reason.
You’re participating on this very portal solely at your own discretion and have agreed to accept full responsibility for whatever will be the outcome of the your activities on the click and earn portal, whether good or bad.

The exchange rate on the click and earn portal is different from the exchange rate on the main program.

On every successful withdrawal from the click and earn portal, we shall charge you 10% commission from your earnings there. Out of the 10% charges, 5% will be paid to your sponsor and 5% belongs to Project54.


We only provide this service to members residing in African countries whose government processes business name registration online.
We cannot issue precise dates where your registrations will be completed. But our duty is to try our best to ensure we submit your documents to the appropriate government agencies as soon as we receive them from you.
It is solely the duty of the government agencies to ensure prompt and accurate completion of your registration and send your particulars to us for due transmission.

There are stipulated payments you must make depending on which service you request for. The details of those payments are clearly detailed at the business name registration portal.
Do not that there shall be no refund of money after payment. And if your registration delays beyond neccesary, the government agencies would likely be the ones delaying it. We will transmit your necessary documents to you as soon as they release same to us.


We are not a Government Agency, neither do we pretend to be.
The lawyers in our legal department are accredited agents of any of the agencies we accept documents for their registration.