Training Courses

Auto Repairs – Cars
Auto Repairs – Truck & Heavy Duty Equipment
Auto Repairs – Keke
Auto Repairs – Motor Cycles.
Auto Repairs – Small Generators
Auto Repairs – Big Generating Plants
Auto Electrical – Cars
Auto Electrical – Trucks & Heavy Duty
Auto Panel Beating
Auto Spray Painting
Computerized Spray Painting
Computerized Scanning Services
Wheel Balancing & Alignment
Operation of Heavy Duty Equipments

Professional Driving – Cars
Professional Driving – Trucks
Courier Services
Import/Export (Logistic Solutions)
Commercial Park Management

Floriculture (Flower Farming)
Cassava Farming
Cucumber Farming
Tomatoes Farming
Pawpaw Farming
Potatoes Farming
Onions Farming
Rice Farming
Yam Farming
Groundnut Farming
Rubber Farming
Cotton Farming
Cocoa Farming
Oil Palm Farming
Coconut Farming
Goat Farming
Grass cutter Farming
Cattle Ranging
Dog Breeding
Plantain/Banana Farming
Snail Farming
Fish Farming
Poultry Farming
Bee Farming

Livestock Feed Production
Production of Nylons
Cutting of Nylons
Production of Plastics
Production of Papers
Production of Starch and chalks
Building of Coldrooms
Production of Bathroom Slippers
Production of Plastic Shoes and Safety Boots
Production of Umbrella
Production of Life Jacket and Rain Jacket
Production of Helmet
Production of Workshop coverall
Bottle/Sachet Water Production
Building Blocks Production
Fruit Juice Production
Wine Production
Soap/Detergent Production
Cream/Perfume Production
Paint Production
Latest Cassava Processing Technology
Latest Palm Oil Processing Technology
Plantain/Banana Processing Technology
Flour Production
Boat/Canoe Construction

Computer Appreciate
Computer Networking
Computer Repairs
Computer Programming
Graphics Designing
Phone Repairs
Bulk SMS Services
Digital Marketing
Online Content Dev/Freelance Writing
AutoCAD Designing
Websites Designing
Website Programming/ Software Development
Printing Services
Printer Repairs
Commercial Printing Machine Repairs

Modeling Services
Voice Training
Professional Dancing
Cultural Dancing
Artiste Management
Professional Movie Acting
General Film Directing
Movie Videography
Video Editing
Movie Sound Engineering
Movie Light Engineering
Movie Photography
General Movie Academy
Movie Location Consulting
Script Writing
Event Management
Movie Make-up/Makeover

Bass Quita
Lead Quita
Sound Engineering
Cultural instrumentation
Music Production.

Public Speaking Academy
Marketing Expertise
Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Expertise
Project Management
Business Development
Business Branding
Business Management
Financial Management
Time Management
Information Management
Public School Establishment (A-Z Requirements)
Public School Management
Public Relations Expertise
Hotel Management
Security Specialty

Patent Medicine Services
Traditional Medicine Production
Medical Laboratory Services

Agency Business Development
Waste Management Business Dev.
Waste Recycling Business Dev.
Estate/Facilities Management
Sales of Automobile Spare Parts – Cars
Automobile Spare Parts – Trucks
Sales of Heavy duty Equipments
Sales of Electricals
Sales of Electronics
Sales of Cosmetics/weavons
Boutique Management
Sales of Computers, Laptops/Accessories
Sales of Phones and Accessories
Sales of Frozen Foods
Production of Sharwama
Production of Pizza
Production of Hot Dog
Production of Youghourt
Production of Custard

Sales of Cooking Gas
Building Materials Dealership
Generating Sets Dealership
Sales of Solar Energy Materials
Supermarket Operation
Sales of Utensils
Sales of Baby Wears
Sales of Plastic Items
Sales of Tiles/Ceramics
Sales of Plumbing Materials
Sales of Wood
Sales of Mattress/Carpets
Car/Power Bike Dealership
Trucks/Heavy Duty Dealership
Currency Trading (Offline)
Forex Trading (Online)
Cement Dealership
Sales of Rods/Other Metals
Sales of Aluminium Rods
Sales of Aluminium Glasses
Sales Textiles
Sales of Wines/Spirits
Eatery Establishment
Rental Services
Sales of Furniture
Sales of Livestock Feed
Food Stuff Dealership
Viewing Center Establishment
Courier Services
Sales of Polythene Bags
Sales of Cooking/Edible Oil
Radio Presentation
TV Presentation
Agency Banking
Wholesale Recharge Cards
Sales of Veterinary Equipment/Drugs
Sales of Books/Stationeries
Sales of Sport Materials/Equipments
Traveling Agency Services
Traveling/Tour Services
Water Supply Services
Sales of door blinds and accessories
Sales of Traditional Wears
Sales of Wholesale Drinks

Introductory to Architecture
Land Surveying
Estate Surveying/ Management
Quantity Surveying
Iron Bending
Furniture Making
Property Dealership/Agency
POP Making
Borehole Drilling
General Building Construction

Mobile Phones Repairs
Electronic Repairs
Electrical Repairs/Installations
Bags/Shoes Making
General Leather Works
Hair Dressing
Spa Treatment Services
Massage services
General Make-up/Makeover
Head-tie Folding
Snacks Production
General Laundry Services
Industrial Laundry Services
Industrial Cleaning
Fumigation/Pet Control
Cleaning/Waste Management Services
General Car Wash Services
Automated Car Wash Services
Aluminium Works
Glass Works
Fashion Designing – Male
Fashion Designing – Female
Fashion Designing – Unisex
Commercial Baking
Interior Decoration
Event Decoration
Cold Room Services
Refrigerator/Air Condition Repairs.
Wholesale Goods Trading
Retail Trading/General Merchandize
Oil & Gas Dealership
Fire/Safety Services
Gymnasium Services
Lubricants/Oil Dealership
Mortuary/Funeral Services
General Video Graphics

Traditional Craft
Tie and Die
Tapestry and Weaving
Beads and Hat Making
Oil Painting
Water Colour Painting
Monument Building
Pond Building
Water Fountain Building
Swimming Pool Building
Fiber Glass Casket Designing
Wrought Iron Designing
Fiber Glass Door Designing
Baluster, Cornices/Parapet Designing
Sign Writting
Billboard and Poster Making
Stage Designing.
Stainless Steel Designing

Football Academy (female)
Football Academy (male)
Weight Lifting
Relay Race
Bicycle Racing
Court Tenis
Table Tenis